SME Consulting for Growth

One of the most critical success factors to successfully growing a company is to have the correct business development plan in place.
That plan should not only act as a road map to assist the company in achieving its growth potential, but also should identify the internal factors necessary for success. Growing a company and delivering work successfully is dependent on having a realistic plan as well as the personnel who will implement that plan.
IBG’s SME Consulting for Growth initiative deals with not only the What but also the Why and the How as well. Given our worldwide reach, our partners can provide the critical insights need by growing companies to successfully continue on that trajectory.

At IBG Global we know that developing a growth strategy is all about understanding and alignment on expectations. Some of the key questions and areas where IBG Global can help you to ensure that you make the right choices when designing a business expansion plan include.

  • What are their expectations of you working together?

  • What is important to them for not only the bid but also the project?

  • How do they like to communicate? How often? Where and when?

  • Introducing measures in the negotiations to increase trust and assure quality.

  • What outcomes are they looking to achieve?

  • How will you deal with challenges and areas of conflict?

  • Who are the key leaders that will drive the successful outcomes you are looking to achieve together?

  • Where have they demonstrated one-team behaviors and working collaboratively with clients and other partners on other projects?

  • IBG Global’s experts can facilitate workshops with your key people on critical areas of growth plan. We can also assist in the documentation of key governance documents and commercial frameworks that will result in the right conduct of all parties.


Tradebrz is your guide to success in international business development. We are a partnership of private consulting firms assisting organizations to meet and exceed their export trade and foreign direct investment objectives. We have:

  • In-market presence in 53 countries

  • Expertise across 200+ international markets

  • Qualified international sales leads and market research capabilities

  • Proven track record – completing projects for 50,000+
    different companies globally to date

  • Wealth of experience in international business
    development to help you achieve global business success