International Product Sourcing

It isn’t easy to find the products you want to sell at prices that allow you to make a profit. Researching, finding the right suppliers, and maintaining a high level of product quality can prove to be challenging. While each business model has its own demands, restrictions, and strengths, they all still draw from the same pool of product sourcing methods. The trick is knowing which ones are the best fit for your particular brand. To be successful, you need a good strategy for product sourcing. Add to this the fact that in today’s climate many traditional supply chains have ceased to exist while others have been difficult to identify.

At IBG Global we can provide assistance to any company seeking product line from foreign markets. Towards that end IBG Global can provide:

Support in developing an effective product sourcing strategy.

  • Assistance in identifying reputable foreign suppliers.

  • Identification of those suppliers who consistently provide quality products at fair prices.

  • Researching, price & cost calculations related to potential suppliers.

  • Active involvement in negotiating the best supplier terms.


Tradebrz is your guide to success in international business development. We are a partnership of private consulting firms assisting organizations to meet and exceed their export trade and foreign direct investment objectives. We have:

  • In-market presence in 53 countries

  • Expertise across 200+ international markets

  • Qualified international sales leads and market research capabilities

  • Proven track record – completing projects for 50,000+
    different companies globally to date

  • Wealth of experience in international business
    development to help you achieve global business success