Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Promotion

Are you a government, public or private agency seeking foreign direct investment into your community? Do you have an interest in attracting foreign companies to locate in your area to create new jobs and assist in economic development of your region? If so, IBG Global’s experts in promoting foreign direct investment for existing clients’ positions us well to address the needs of economic development agencies worldwide.

  • How to open their markets and allow for FDI inflows.

  • Thinking carefully about target sectors/activities.

  • Developing the infrastructure required for a quality investor:

  • Encouraging spillovers from FDI into the local economy.

  • Supporting and welcoming first-time foreign direct investors.

  • Providing access to credit by establishing banking connections.

  • Setting up a vendor development program to support the match making process between foreign customer and local supplier.

  • Our in market specialists are constantly on the lookout for companies considering locating abroad. As such, we are uniquely positioned to assist in this effort.


Tradebrz is your guide to success in international business development. We are a partnership of private consulting firms assisting organizations to meet and exceed their export trade and foreign direct investment objectives. We have:

  • In-market presence in 53 countries

  • Expertise across 200+ international markets

  • Qualified international sales leads and market research capabilities

  • Proven track record – completing projects for 50,000+
    different companies globally to date

  • Wealth of experience in international business
    development to help you achieve global business success