Market Research for Export Business

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Accurate and thorough information is the foundation of all successful business ventures because it provides a wealth of information about prospective and existing customers, the competition, and the industry in general. It allows
business owners to determine the feasibility of a business before committing substantial resources to the venture.

At IBG Global we provide customized Market research services

  • Identifies the challenges your business faces in foreign

  • Generates relevant data to help address those challenges.

  • Provides data that is an integral part of the business
    planning process.

  • Examines market segmentation strategies.

  • Assists in product differentiation.


Tradebrz is your guide to success in international business development. We are a partnership of private consulting firms assisting organizations to meet and exceed their export trade and foreign direct investment objectives. We have:

  • In-market presence in 53 countries

  • Expertise across 200+ international markets

  • Qualified international sales leads and market research capabilities

  • Proven track record – completing projects for 50,000+
    different companies globally to date

  • Wealth of experience in international business
    development to help you achieve global business success